Friendship is one of the most beautiful things in every one's life. It always takes exciting manifestations which will redefine a person, a group and sometimes the entire society. Two decades ago one such friendship gave birth to a micro gathering here at Nilambur. A group of professionals and business men ignited by the spirits of togetherness gathered at Nilambur -the land of ancient teaks to form The Malabar Club. The club was registered in the year 1993 and has been on its voyage to express uniqueness. As the years passed, the then micro-gathering has grown to an exquisite abode for those who seek tranquil shores of nature.

The cottages in the club offer a cool hangout to feel the scent of thick forest, wrapped in misty mornings and mellow sunlit evenings. It is surrounded by forests on its three boundaries; something which is almost impossible in such a close proximity to an urban habitat.

The Malabar club is now a well equipped space for stay, conference meetings, gatherings and parties. It has a state of the art conference hall, peaceful cottages, scintillating games room for billiards, table tennis and other indoor games, outdoor badminton court bordered by emerald greenery contouring deep forest, outdoor dining and green court yard each of which carry its own unique excitements.
Malabar club is one such place bestowed with the gifts of nature in abundance. One needs to make a very short stroll from here to traverse the bygone times to reach one of the oldest teak plantation at Connolly's plot. Another leisurely walk across the plot takes you to a hanging bridge built across the river Chaaliyar and a country boat ride along the stream in a country boat will rejuvenate your body and soul like never before.
Founded out of the fellowship of a grousp of like mined people two decades ago, The Malabar Club extends an experience of warmth that originates from the very heart of Mother Nature to one and all.