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    Games always have a different dimension in life. It emancipates us from the unpleasant knots made with us by the necessities of life. While gaming, to make the most of it, one needs the right ambience that would elevate a person beyond the limits of time and space. Malabar club has derived such an ambience for games and recreation. It has a finely crafted billiards board, thrilling table tennis court and halls for other indoor recreation. The club also has a badminton court next to the wildness of forest.

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    Being a game that blends precision, fun and calmness it needs air of elegance. To have a game with those entire splendors next to virgin woods would be kind of unforgettable moment. As the games is an ideal one for togetherness the calm atmosphere intrinsic to Malabar club will let you feel the grace and delight. The kind of relaxation that you always wish for will be fulfilled as smoothly as the flow of a silent brook.

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    A rapid game crafted with breath taking reflexes will keep the adrenaline flowing. The inseparable rhythm that is inherent to this stylish game will let one and all regain this energy. Here at Malabar club it will be multiplied with the mellow air that's flown in through the tender leaves of the woods nearby.

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    Think of the thick vegetation, a habitat of incredible living beings contouring your playing turf; think about the innumerable nocturnal murmurs of the woods; think about the morning dews along with the yellow streaks of sunlit caressing you; think about a game of badminton amidst all these heavenly treasures. To have that kind of game we have a beautiful turf here for badminton.